Weyt-kp xwexwéytp (formal hello to everyone). I’m Georgina Martin from the Secwepemc nation, specifically T’exel’c from the interior of British Columbia.

I currently teach in the Indigenous/Xwulmuxw Studies Department at Vancouver Island University. Prior to my academic career, I worked with various levels of provincial and federal governments, Non-Government Organizations, and Indigenous communities. My work life is dedicated to assisting and promoting Indigenous peoples growth. I am a passionate life-long learner and I look for ways to facilitate learning and teaching. My goal is to introduce important content and help others develop comprehensive skills to be successful in working alongside and within Indigenous communities. My principles are based on Indigenous Knowledge pedagogy, intergenerational knowledge transmission, and land-based learning. Read bio.

I began my PhD journey at the University of British Columbia in September 2008 and I successfully defended my dissertation on February 6, 2014. My Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Studies PhD was conferred in May 2014.


An interview by the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies at UBC can be found here: